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Posted by STANLEY D RASBERRY on 02/01/2019 17:48:32Aircraft Type: P28S
This is one of the top FBO's in the nation. I fly in about three times each winter. Always friendly - Always helpful - Great facility! What's not to like?

Posted by BOB GORDON on 12/31/2018 17:59:34Aircraft Type: SF50
Awesome FBO! Line staff are very attentive and the gals at the front desk are the best. Fuel prices are very good and they waive three nights tie-down fees with fuel. Facility is very modern and clean. I fly both piston and a jet in here and they have always treated me right. This place should give others some tips on how to run an FBO and take care of pilots!

Posted by MARK DYMOND on 02/13/2018 17:09:35Aircraft Type: P28R
Superb FBO, top notch service. Im a little guy. I was marshalled to a tie down spot, then pushed back into position and tied down- -all prior to exiting plane. And my rental car was pulled up to plane and waiting for me! We stayed 5 nites, but RON fee ($10) was waived for two of the nites as I took on (very reasonable) fuel. AND, "Tia" at the desk arranged a fine hotel for us at an xlnt rate! First class all the way. And this FBO is basically a Taj Mahal!

Posted by LES BRIGGS on 04/24/2017 17:11:19Aircraft Type: C25C
Very nice facility. Friendly and welcoming line crew and counter staff. Great crew accommodations.Thank you Base Ops. Look forward to next visit.

Posted by TM AVIATION on 03/20/2017 16:23:29Aircraft Type: H25B
In response to Troy Montgomery, We purchased 500 gallons at Naples airport and still had to pay $100 per night. And their Fuel price was .35/gallon higher. RSW overnight was less than Naples and FMY but the price of Fuel was $1.10 higher per gallon. So that $80 fee was still less than you would have paid for the higher fuel price there. Would like to know how you figured their gross profit for that 13 minutes, they do not staff and equip. for that 13 minutes of that day only.

Posted by DAVID FIELD on 01/22/2017 23:18:44Aircraft Type: BE35
One of if not the best. Great facility, skilled and responsive people who really care about you and their performance. We arrived late in the evening requesting hangar space. In the process the line lead noticed a wobbly main gear. The left main had cracked due to corrosion. Switlik Maintenance had a new wheel installed the next day. Had the lineman not been fully alert in the dark this would not have been found until departure causing a two or three day departure delay. Thank you Base Op

Posted by PA28 DRIVER on 12/30/2016 14:04:24Aircraft Type: P28A
I just love this FBO! Given the size and number of jets on the ramp (on one of the busiest days of the year), a Cherokee pilot might expect to be lost in the shuffle. Not so! The super friendly and helpful staff makes you feel like they appreciate your business. Good fuel prices too. Great airport...including the tower personnel. Always a welcoming word. Can't wait to go back.

Posted by DANIEL CH. on 12/29/2016 13:41:50Aircraft Type: C172
Great place to stop! One of my top FBO's in FL. Friendly staff, great accommodations for both pilots and passengers.

Posted by TROY MONTGOMERY on 10/27/2016 14:39:22Aircraft Type: LJ75
Terrible policy! First time customer, will not return. Service and people were great though. However, we have multiple choices in the area and given the fuel purchase minimums and their unwillingness to waive an $80.00 ramp fee after purchasing 100 retail gallons vs their "required" 120 gallons. We will not return to the airport. We were on the ramp for 13 minutes. The gross PROFIT was approximately $268 in 13 minutes. It's hard to earn a new customer, you failed.

Posted by HARLAN SIMONS on 03/01/2016 01:49:16Aircraft Type: M20M
My wife and I just spent a few days in Fort Myers at Page field and used Base Ops FBO. We have traveled extensively over many years and have used hundreds of FBOs so we have a lot to compare to. This airport and FBO is the one the rest of them should model after. Very courteous. Nothing is too much trouble. Low fuel prices. Rental car brought to my plane as soon as we arrived. We will be back. Keep up the good work. Harlan Simons

Posted by BO WROTEN on 07/28/2013 15:55:08Aircraft Type: M20P
Excellent Service and Fuel at a really fair price. Everyone I dealt with was super friendly and professional. I can't wait until I have to be back in this area, a definite first choice!!!